i have a computer print out of an email i received on january 10, 2003. i printed it the day i got it and i believe at the time i folded it into my journal, but somehow it showed up in a box of papers i am going through while trying to organize my office.

it was just a kind word from a co-worker at the time that really hit home and made me feel good about myself at a time when those moments were few and far between in life. i have no idea where this person has gone, but their email made it to my 'keep' pile. its too bad they don't know that the moment they took to send a sweet thought over 6 years ago still makes me smile.

i should write people random thoughts of kindness more often.


Elizabeth Phillips said...

Want to hear something even more random? I wrote a note to you on my senior page. Were you ever going to read my yearbook? Here is what it said..."Thanks for putting up with me, singing with me and loving me so unconditionally. I admire you and am so proud of us." What's even more embarrasing is that I also put a little note to Max--"I never dreamed of having a friendship so beautiful." Still agree with the note to you, but to Max? I was SOOO trying to get kissed.

mollie said...

awwww, ej! that makes me all misty :)

and you were totally trying to get kissed ;)

laura said...

'03!? Was this someone at GICT? Anybody I know?.. Just curious: ).