my campaign to reduce our family size was largely unsuccessful. when it came down to it, neither kevin nor i felt right about turning bea over to a new family. i would have laughed in your face 2 years ago if you had even suggested i'd consider the possibility, and here i was lobbying for her quick and immediate departure. oh how quickly things change.

its not that i don't love my dogs. its that they are dogs. i have currently 2 humans, soon to be 3, that rely on me for their basic needs (okay, okay maybe kevin can fend for himself most days) and there just isn't a whole lot of love left over for the four-legged family members.

now that it is clear they are both staying with us, i have petitioned for help in dealing with the hair cleanup, vet appointments, barking obsessions, penchant for eating anything left within 4 feet of the ground, lack of understanding of 'personal space' for anyone on ground level, and let's not forget the urinary incontinence.

wait, why are we keeping them again? ;)


Deb said...

I wish I had some advice but we actually went as far as to contact our dog sitter to see if she wanted our dog. This after already sending one back to his original owner after he went after our 4 month old. Our excuses are similar we just don't have time for him, he keeps knocking the kiddos over since he is taller than them, our yard is too small, he sheds like crazy, barks at the door and wakes the kids up during nap time etc. etc

In the end--if they aren't trying to eat the kids then you figure they can stay a while longer. I am with you though pre-kids I would judge and yell at anyone who would think of giving away a pet post-children. Now that have eaten my shoe--I understand.

Oneofeach said...

I'm with ya! and we are getting ready to add #3 on to the brood. Our two dogs are doxies who don't take up much space, but I about sent them packing this morning when I woke up to two freshly cleaned pair of underware with no crotches left after their romp last night while we were sleeping. I feel your pain.

Pixiepurls said...

If my MIL could not have taken our golden we would have kept her, I had a planned week of doggy bootcamp and then training with my husband for as long as neccisary but MIL was able to take her, and she adores dogs and would actually give her a better home then we could. Other dogs to play with, far more excersize and attention. it worked out well, we got really lucky. The truth is, they make things harder. But eventually when your little ones have grown a bit, things will be easier.