'i like your Christ, but i do not like your Christians. your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' -Ghandi

perceptive guy. and sorry, but you're going to have to put up with posts like this while i get through this book. i don't know anyone else reading it so i will continue my dialog with the collective YOU :)


Bonnie said...

That Ghandi was one smart guy.

Anonymous said...

one of stacy's favorite quotes. have to say that it's struck a chord with me as well.

hope you're feeling as great as you look, mollie!


mollie said...

makes me simultaneously so sad but also incredibly determined at the same time.

i am not defined by americanized christianity and excited to try and help other people see past their perceptions of christianity and get down to the true message.

Anonymous said...

word, sister. keep on! stacy & i have been talking about visiting unity after hearing really good things from the mother of one of my students. -sarah

Amber said...

Silent follower of your blog :)
I haven't checked it a while and I came across your most recent posts. I could not help but think that you are reading "Radical" by Daivd Platte. If not, I would say that you would might really enjoy that book.