purging. i'm in a purging kind of mood (and no, not the sonic oreo blast i just scarfed down, i'll be keeping that inside, thankyouverymuch). i cleaned out our toys last weekend and today started in on my closet.

i only have 3 button down shirts left hanging in what used to be my 'work clothes' section. and honestly, its probably 3 more than i really need.

i talked to my mom in the middle of today's cleanse and she wanted to be sure i didn't give away too much just because i'm pregnant and things don't fit right now. i was sure to tell her i have plenty of clothes no matter what i choose to donate right now.

part of our conversation went a little like this:

mom: you don't have THAT much clothes
me: oh mom, i have a lot. too much. i mean, its true i don't have 29 white t-shirts...
mom: i don't have 29 white t-shirts!!
me: you absolutely do, i counted last time i was in your closet!
mom: well.... it depends on what you consider a 'tshirt' i suppose. i mean some are v-necks, some are sleeveless...
me: mom. i am SO blogging this.
::cue laughter from both of us::

so no, i don't have 29 white t-shirts, but it feels good to look at that pile and get it out of my room and into the hands of someone who needs it more than i do!


Anonymous said...

you've completely inspired me to do the same thing, & when you mentioned how good your sister is at pushing you to pitch, i asked my sister to do the same. she'll be here next weekend, & she's up for the challenge (and the ridicule & shaming of some of my clothing choices that will ultimately follow--what are sisters for right?). i'm ready to sift through, weed out & maybe treat myself to just a few classic pieces (sister approved of course!). -ss

klp said...

i LOVE this. we clean out the closets about twice a year and donate it all. it feels good, it looks so nice. ahhh, i am the opposite of a pack rat. having too much stuff makes me feel burdened.

but to let go of all that you don't need...what a great feeling! (it's a sickness. the opposite of hoarders, i'm telling you!)