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erin said...

you are such a great mom! i'm glad i have you leading the way.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great. Your family couldn't be more gorgeous and I LOVE the pics. It's no surprise to see you featured on another blog. I read your answers and one perplexes me.

Whenever people say, "I was chosen by God to be Jane's mom and she was chosen to be my daughter," I have to wonder... what about the children born to drug users or violent people? Did God say, "Hmmm, let's give beautiful Lily and Eve to loving Mollie and I'll give Timmy to crack-head Julie." I dont get it...

This isn't meant to be critical, it's just I hear these types of statement all the time and I don't understand them.

mollie said...

for me, i intend to say that i clearly see how much i have to learn from my children and the differences between them mean they both have different things to teach me.

one situation or parent being more 'favorable' than another doesn't meant there isn't something to be learned or strength to be drawn.

i have friends from college who recently lost their sweet 18 month old baby to cancer and they will tell you 100% they were meant to have that baby for the brief time he was here. does the fact that they had to endure unimaginable pain and loss make them less happy to have been his parents instead of the parent of a healthy child? not a bit. of course they wish he was still here with us but have chosen to see the positive impact his short life had on all of those who encountered him.

i don't know if i'm making any sense. i just choose to see the purposefulness in the children who have been given to me and hopefully they will put up with me long enough to help me become a better person and i will do my darndest to do the same in return.

Candice said...

My son has special needs and people are always telling me that God chose me to be his mother because I am so willing and able to help him reach his full potential. Then the next obvious question is why would God give similar special needs children to parents who aren't willing or able to do the same?

I guess maybe I just have general questions about religion. I believe in God, but some things are hard to understand. Like all this "Everything happens for a reason," that's the hardest for me. I will never understand the reason for children to be given to abusive parents.

Candice said...

BTW, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends' child. :(

erin said...

Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world where everything is not perfect. The second sin entered the world so did death, sickness, despair, unfairness (if that's a word). There are many things we will never understand, but I am grateful to trust a God who I know has the world in His hands.