we got an update letter from the 3 year-old little girl we sponsor in brazil today and i read it to lily. she was so interested in fabiana that she brought the letter to bed. learning her favorite color and that she has 8 siblings was super exciting for her, but she was confused to learn that they don't have enough drinking water.

me: do you have all the water you could ever want to drink?
lily: yes! i do!
me: fabiana doesn't have enough water
lily: is she really really thirsty?
me: i'm sure she is.
lily: does she have maybe orange juice to drink?

sweet girl.


Neely said...

Awww, that is so sweet. We thanked God for water the other night. I tried to explain to Emily that not everyone gets water as easily as we do. She was so confused. Just something she never thought about because it's always been there. It's great for them to appreciate the things we take for granted. :)

amy said...

That's so great that you guys do that...and what a great lesson for your children! My husband is from Brazil and I've been 3 times to visit his family. It's a beautiful country but there are a lot of people there that need help. I always feel so grateful for what we have here. Would love to hear more about Lily's new friend Fabiana!