ch-ch-ch-ch chaaaaanges! turn and face the strain... oh david bowie your wisdom astounds me (with the exception of space oddity... seriously what was that all about??)

my last two days as a mom of two are officially underway and the to-do list the length of my arm is keeping me distracted. kevin and i are going on a date tonight for just one more chance to sit and talk to each other before life gets turned upside down again.

some say that going to three was easier than going to two, some tell me that their third 'sunk their battleship' and it remains to be seen what our experience will be, but in the very least we are in this together! together with two amazing girls who are anxiously awaiting their baby sister's arrival. baby sister that also remains unnamed, unless you ask lily, in which case she will tell you that we are naming her 'pluukey'.

for now i am just going to keep moving, doing laundry, packing a hospital bag, wrapping christmas presents and not get too emotional. i'll leave that freakout for sunday night :)


Cindy said...

Praying for you Mollie, you'll be just fine, and if I were closer, I'd be a helping hand as well. Best wishes and I can't wait to see pictures!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Pluukey Burpo has a nice ring to it. I mean, where do you go from there with elementary school mean nick names? I named Gracie without even consulting Sloan. Our case worker told me she needed a name for the paper work, and we just used up our last agreed upon name with the little girl we lost. But when the name popped out and I told Sloan she was Margaret Grace, we both agreed that it was the perfect name.