we are still alive and kicking over here. just making it through the week (and really, of ALL weeks for the girls to not have mom's day out this is not the one i would have chosen!!). happy tomorrow is thursday and even happier that the weekend is almost here!

pics of my three girls- the sisters -on the photo blog HERE :)


lena said...

What sweet sisters.

deb said...

You just need this week to prove to yourself that you can do it. Next week when MOD starts up then you will truly cherish it and know that you are a rockstar mom :)

Lauren said...

So precious! I've been following your blog since you were pregnant with Lily and now you have three beautiful girls. You are truly blessed!

Pie for the Eye said...

Hi Mollie,

I stumbled on your blog and recognize you from an online photo group years ago. I think it was with Sarah Q? Anyways, just wanted to say your girls are adorable. Congrats on your growing family!