new year. fresh start. resolutions just like years past that will be selfishly forgotten, abandoned or surrendered in a month or so. but its a great excuse for popping open a bottle of champagne and forcing my children to eat black eyed peas.

last night was the first attempt at having susanna sleep in her bed in our room instead of in OUR bed with us. she put up with it for the first stretch of sleep but after waking to nurse at 1am i put her in her bed and she cried. i quickly gave up and pulled her back into her spot with us and she was out like a light. it was quite an endearing moment in the middle of the night and i just laid next to her stroking her soft little head that fits in the palm of my hand thinking to myself 'thanks for loving me already'. waking up next to her was a sweet way to start 2011.

happy new year! i hope yours brings more joy than you could imagine and teaches you more than you think you are ready for.


Erin M said...

Happy New Year Mollie!!

This is neither here, nor there, but when/why did you switch to Nikon? I'd love to hear your reviews (I'm just a hobbyist, but I love dreaming)!

Alissa said...

I noticed that also about the Nikon switch. Curious too? BTW...babies snuggling in bed is the best feeling in the world, enjoy it!