in an effort to motivate myself in the new year and post pregnancy healthy eating i dug out my copy of 'eat to live' and was reading parts of it aloud to kevin. when i said....

"look, it says that one study showed that those who ate vegetarian for more than half their life lived on average 13 years longer than meat eating counterparts.... wow. that's crazy. i'm not sure i want to live that long honestly!"

i love me some veggies and i'm going on 6 years now but seriously, living thirteen years longer on average?? i'm not sure i can handle being that old.

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Elizabeth Phillips said...

I suggest more bacon.
I remember reading that you had a slice or two on occassion, so perhaps more bacon will even you out. 13 years? And women already live longer than men.
You don't want to end up a widow living with me, your Mom, and Jeanne in Miami, do you? (Yes. I know. I've just made myself Blanche. Let's face it. That's probably right anywho.)