she's getting too smart for her own good. we were sitting in mighty fine on sunday and lily asked "do they have dessert here?" i said "nope!"

kevin eyed me and said "you know they have m-i-l-k-s-h-a-k-e-s". i said, "of course i do, we're not getting one"

lily sat quietly for about half a second and then pointed at a sign and said "uh huh mommy, there's a brown cow picture, that means they have ice cream here!"

darn you and your recognizable sign, bluebell!!


Anonymous said...

wait till she can understand what you're spelling ;)

Two said...

Mmmmmm... I love Mighty Fine. We were just in Austin last month, and our friend we were staying with took us there. Another favorite? Torchy's. Yum.

(oh, and I used to be on MC, so that's where I know you from. I like to read your blog every once in awhile. Your girls are so adorable.)