this morning i found a blackened piece of what was supposed to be toast in the oven. it was being broiled within an inch of recognition about half an hour after the girls finished breakfast (sans toast). momnesia claims another victim.

in sunnier news, the ice cream truck made its first appearance of the season today. we live on a park and are lucky that the truck comes by a few times a week whenever its warm outside. maybe i'm just nostalgic, but there's something about a drippy bombpop that just feels like childhood.

my girls were tortured as it spent about 20 minutes on the other side of the park fulfilling children's requests (and one pajama clad woman i can only guess was home sick). i wouldn't let them run across the park without me and annie was asleep inside the house. i had to promise to lily about 30 times that he wouldn't drive off without coming by our house and we flagged him down successfully!

as middle and eldest enjoyed their strawberry sno cones, tiny slept soundly inside and i started to look forward to summer even more.

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edmo said...

We're still months away from warm weather (living in southern Ohio), but my youngest is itching to play outside. He just turned 1 and hasn't really experienced a summer yet, so he stands by the back door and points outside and starts practically hyperventilating every time we open the back door to let the dogs out! I am right there with you - so looking forward to summer.