the sisterhood of the messy pants (lily) and her mad scientist sister (eve) is progressing along at a beautiful pace.

this week the girls and i made our first trip to dallas to see friends and take advantage of my mom's spring break for some good visiting time. lily and eve shared a room for the first time and actually did way better than i had anticipated. yes, there were moments such as when i found lily poking eve's face saying 'wake uppppp' but those were trumped by listening to eve call out song requests and lily obliging with her out-of-tune toddler voice. all in all it was a big success.

eve hasn't been a big fan of bedtime lately and returning home tonight was no exception. after 5 minutes of her pathetic little 'row row boat?' pleading and whimpers if i made any sort of move towards the door, i asked if she wanted to sleep in lily's room. 'uh HUH uh HUH!!' was her response as she blew past me out the door and across the hall. i brought her mattress and laid it on the floor along with some ground rules for a very excited lily. after i shut the door my heart nearly burst when i heart 'goodnight eve!'.....'ni ni, lil'

i'm sure it will not be without its struggles but to know eve takes so much comfort in her sister's presence and that lily is pleased as punch to share her space makes me happy.

a few pictures from today. the swing set is starting to take shape in the backyard and kevin let them sit on what will soon be a tree house of sorts. just look at those (pudding covered) faces.

speaking of pudding face

our spectator

and the mad scientist


edmo said...

I know boys are different than girls, but I hope my two boys are as fond of each other as your girls are, because they will be sharing a room (soon) and life will be so much easier if they love the idea.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! And it's so good to know my daughter is in good "scientist" company with her hair, which strongly resists any sort of pigtail or barrette I might attempt.

Neely said...

Ahhh!!! That is SO sweet it brought tears to my eyes. I get so much joy when my kids are good to each other. What a great thing to witness as a mother.
I love their sweet spirits.

Lisa said...

How sweet, Mollie! I hope the transition continues to go well! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the story and the pictures, gaga

nanann said...

How sweet!

My girls really want to share a room, but I haven't allowed it yet. Julia is a poor sleeper and I worry about her waking up Elena and Elena being exhausted for Kinder.

But they do sneak in to each other's rooms whenever they can and have "Reading Sleepover Parties!" where they read each other books until we really have to put an end to it because it's too late!