act like you're asleep!!

i have no idea when this phenomenon started in my family, but we thought it was hiLARious when we were growing up. no matter what was going on if someone else entered the house or the room one of us would whisper 'act like you're asleep!' and we'd all stop what we were doing and pretend to snooze.

it was the moments before the person realized you were all feigning sleep, trying to hold in your chuckles, that were the best. it started when we were younger but we still do it sometimes as adults.

yesterday lily was looking for me calling out my name and i was laying down with eve and kevin. i said 'act like you're asleep!' we all dropped our heads and our eyes and when lily found us and said 'heyyyy! you're not asleep!' we all giggled out of control.

really, its the little things in life that make me happy.


Anonymous said...

AND we did it on an almost daily basis! i love those moments too! mom

amy said...

LOL...we did this too! I tried to teach Claire to do it the other day but she said "but i'm not tired" ha! It's a cute family tradition.

Toni said...

We do this, too! :)

Di said...

In our house we try and sneak up on each other but Nathan gives us away. He giggles the whole time we try and sneak up on Jason.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

We used to do this too! The crazier the activity while you were "sleeping," the better. I crack up just thinking about it. My dad always seemed to be in some really awkward position and so it became a running joke with him. But we weren't allowed to take pictures. haha