she will show me forgiveness.

lily has a very strong personality (like her mom) which of course means we butt heads from time to time. okay, maybe its more often than i'd like. she challenges me like no other. just like any refining process, it can be pretty painful. the one thing she wants after a disagreement or difficult interaction? love and cuddles. she will show me forgiveness.

she will slow me down.

eve's nickname from time to time is 'lollygag central'. eve scoffs at instant rice and thinks shortcuts are for losers. she prefers to take the scenic view in life, which is good and well when you have the time but can seriously grate on your nerves. trying to get all 3 kids anywhere on time (because god forbid we be late) tends to turn into a lot of 'hurry up girls' and eve reminds me life isn't all about 'hurry up'. she will slow me down.

she will teach me joy.

everywhere we go, everyone we meet has one thing to say about annie (well after they admire her lovely hairdo)...'what a HAPPY baby'. annie is just plain happy. from the moment she wakes up to the last yawn, she is reveling in connections and the wonder of life. spit up on yourself? no worries- just play with the spit up! she has already helped me perk up in the midst of many less than stellar moments. she will teach me joy.

i have a lot to learn. thankfully i have three willing and able teachers with me every day.


Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful post. I loved reading it.

Faux Martha said...

This is super fabulous. My 4 and 5 year old are really testing my patience and now I get why "scream free parenting" was written, but I know there is something I am supposed to learn in all of this.

molly said...

oh my gosh - i could've written the first 2 paragraphs about my first and second born...exactly. well said! how lucky we are for these lessons to be taught to us.

Anonymous said...

as aunt patty always says, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears".
love, mom