laundry. its a hate-hate relationship.

so far i have two girls that insist on wearing dresses. its all dresses all the time around here. i don't know if eve is just picking this up from lily or if i drew the short straw twice. (please oh PLEASE not three times!!)

so apart from refusing to wear their perfectly good shorts, skirts, shirts, and tanks- those unworn clothes somehow make their way into the laundry during early morning drawer rummaging or closet raiding. so i still somehow wash these clothes. and apart from washing i have to then fold, transport, and put them away. can you tell its pissing me off?

in addition to the manual labor, its the attitude portion of the clothing experience that is equally maddening. the sense of entitlement and preference, man oh man. remember when your mom said stuff like 'there are starving children in africa that would love to eat your broccoli'? that's pretty much me, except swap 'naked' for starving and 'eat your broccoli' with wear that outfit.

basically i'm going minimalist on their wardrobes. its about to be rationing- the likes not seen outside the soviet union. five dresses. laundry done twice a week. shorts/shirts on loan when the activity requires, to be returned and laundered promptly.

if this doesn't work i'm going to resort to uniforms. and i'm only halfway kidding.


Cave Momma said...

I only have 1 girl but when I started getting the same attitude, I took away all dresses until said attitude went away. Totally worked. I still get a pout sometimes when I insist on pants but I'll take it.

Good luck, I'm sure two make it 10x harder on this issue.

The Arend Crew said...

Oh man, the story of my life as well. We did the 'rack rule'. All clothes start on the bottom rack in the closet. After it is washed - to the top rack it goes. Everything MUST be worn from the bottom rack to have all the top rack clothing moved back down to start over again. She learned after the first round to mix in things she likes with the things she didn't. During the first time through the rule, the last week and a half were misery - only 'bad' things left on the bottom rack. Rules are rules. :)

journey said...

Ohhh! I like the rack rule. Filing that away for future use! :)

nanann said...

Oh, I admittedly love the dress thing -- probably in part because I love sewing them for my girls as well, but still.

Anyway, I think dresses are so much easier. They are just one thing to clean instead of two, and most importantly, fit is so much easier. I have one skinny-minny whose pants fall off and one slightly heavy one whose pants are way too long if they actually fit the waist, and therefore pants drive me CRAZY on both girls. When they decide to put some on I generally try to dissuade them and throw on a dress instead!

Amy and Rick said...

Ah, this post just screams familiar to me...good luck!

Kelly F. said...

I only do one person's laundry at a time. It really saves my sanity to take out the sorting step. Pull it out of the dryer, fold, transport to correct bedroom. Done.

Everything on cold, all colors together unless it's red or pink and brand new.

Laura said...

I like the uniform idea. Like the Von Trapp family in Sound of Music!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Mollie!! I feel your pain, my 3 year old changes her clothes about 4-5 times a day!! These girls are out to get us :)
Alissa G