i'm a beach person, kevin is a mountain person. i am not kidding when i say this is a serious point of contention in our relationship. he wants to ski, i want sand between my toes. i inherited this love of all things ocean from my mother. hopefully its a dominant gene and the whole 'freeze your A off in the snow' is recessive.

this year, the scales tipped in my favor and we headed to south padre island with his family. you can see a bajillion pictures from our week HERE.

i saw a quote on pinterest yesterday that immediately rang true...

"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea."
isak dineson


Anonymous said...

I love the beach!!!!! AND iI love that quote. thanks, Mollie. love you, Mom

Evelyn said...

That quote is like an arrow through my soul. I love the beach and feel so at peace when I'm there. Beautiful pictures.