well this triathlon training was bound to get me out on my bike before too long. poor thing has been hanging upside down in the garage since we moved here. so that is at least 4 years. i'm sure luna bar would love to know the bike they underwrote hasn't so much as seen the light of day in half a decade.

sweet kevin got my tubes ready, my chain lubed, and gave me back my helmet he's been borrowing so i knew it was time to hit the road.

i walked out this morning in cycling gear and lily said 'whose shoes are those?' i said, 'they're mine.' and she said, 'no really, whose are they?'

thanks for the vote of confidence, lil.

i won't lie, i've never been the biggest fan of clips (for you non-cyclists out there i'm talking about the fancy shoes that fit into your pedals). so i coasted down the street without clipping in while i mostly whimpered to myself about not wanting to do this and right about then my pandora busted out with a little katy perry 'shut up and put your money where your mouth is'. i chuckled to myself, clipped in and hit the highway.

in the process i realized several things. perhaps my crotch was made of an industrial strength steel before children because O.M.Geeee. that seat is not nice. not nice at all. also, what kind of badass did i take myself for having the 'girl' gears on my bike removed? yes, that's right, i had the easy gear taken off my bike supposing i'd never need it. i was wrong. i need it.

another perk of living and riding southwest is the roadside carnage. i passed three deceased deer, which is probably more than my father will see in all of deer season this year since he tends to favor naps in the blinds to killing things. i forgot how generally unpleasant that can be.

all in all, it was an exercise in familiarity and at least i have that first ride under my belt. there are many more to come and frankly i'm looking forward to feeling less like an idiot and more like an athlete again!


klp said...

yay! i'm so excited for you!!!! it will come back so fast and you will never remember you took a few years off. it's good for you and your family to get time for "your" stuff. so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

SO FUNNY! proud of you, mom

The Lunoff Adventures said...

Hey, next time you go out, call me! I'll join you! We can watch for carnage together (which was pretty brutal this weekend...blech). My contact info is on my facebook page.

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious!! good for you that you are out doing what you love. your girls are going to be so proud of you! have fun and be careful.