lily had the most fabulous birthday party. we started celebrating probably around wednesday and her actual birthday isn't until this week, but you know four year olds. their birthday party IS their birthday. anything else is pretty confusing!

we had a very small luau in her honor yesterday complete with a poor man's homemade 'water slide' (and yes, i used water slide in quotes... trust me.) she had a blast and it was a perfectly sized get together and not overwhelming chaos. i'm a big fan of smaller parties!

after the party we all napped and went to the pool so lily and eve could show off their swimming skills to gaga & moon. i took lily on a little swim around the deep end of the pool telling her the story of the day she was born. she LOVED every minutes of it.

her cousins came over for a dinner of her favorite meal- pancakes! truly it was just a great celebration of our wonderful four year-old!

pictures (a LOT of them- you've been warned) are HERE

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Stephanie said...

Happy 4th birthday Lily! The party looks like it was a lot of fun and it looks like all your girls enjoyed themselves :)