break my heart for what breaks yours.

perhaps you heard this week about the horrific injustice experienced by a toddler in china passed by over and over again in the street while dying. if you haven't, i don't suggest you look into it. i unfortunately read and watched the entire thing in disbelief and it got me down. to be honest, i was already a little down that day and it kinda threw me over the edge.

my sadness over the brokenness of our souls is hardly newsworthy but it has stuck with me this week.

fast forward to sunday morning. the leader of 'HELP' spoke about our initiatives in Haiti and showed lots of pictures to celebrate what has been done but also to talk about the need. the pervasive need just swallows me and paralyzes me and i found myself crying.

break my heart for what breaks yours.

we talked about the good samaritan. i would usually think 'yeah yeah, i know that story' but it hit me as he read luke 10 and i jotted down for kevin to read 'that toddler' and he nodded and whispered 'i just thought the same thing'. and so i just sat and cried.

i don't have a pretty package to wrap this up with a bow. i don't know what any of this means. my heart is broken and its breaking and i don't know what i can do or what God wants me to do. i just don't want to feel paralyzed by it anymore.

the first small step is our second annual garage sale for orphans next sunday, 30th. if you're in austin and have anything to donate, please email me. here is a picture of the home last year's donations were able to provide for over 30 of our sponsored orphans in haiti:

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