four. i was promised a magical wonderful child the moment they leave the 3's behind. for a while i wasn't convinced. lately? i have to say i think i fall deeper in love with my four year-old every day.

we still have our hard days, don't get me wrong. but all in all, four has been so much fun.

Lily cuddles, she loves, she draws, she storytells, she climbs, she NAPS!, she is the best version of herself.

it is so interesting to me that the response i get from nearly everyone when they meet my kids and realize how close in age they are is one part 'what were you thinking' and one part 'are you doing ok?'. so far, yes it is a little crazy, but at the same time, i get to experience so many stages of baby and toddlerdom all at once.

at least that is me looking on the bright side today, you may need to remind me of this tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Phillips said...

I love age 4 too! My pediatrician says a 4 yr old's behavior is 50% 2 yr old and 50% 6 yr old. And I think that pretty much sums it up. But praise God Lily still naps. Of course, Henry is content by himself for hours at a time...so maybe it is kinda the same thing.