so you know how important 'mimi' the bunny blanket is to eve, right? well a few weeks ago she left mimi at e's house under the watchful *achem* eye of her daddy.

we were mimi-less. i predicted a total breakdown. thankfully kevin talked eve into believing annie wanted her to sleep with one of her lovies instead. i got home shortly after and dug up the spare mimi and crisis was averted.

in the two days mimi spent at e's house we got the following sequence of pictures chronicling her brief visit. eve absolutely loved seeing what mimi was up to until they were reunited...

relaxing with tv and a brew after a long day

brushing her teeth

sleeping on a nap mat

playing on pinterest

working out on mike's bike

running errands

listening to a podcast

another late night beer


Anonymous said...

you better keep your eye on mimi. before you know it she will take a flying leap into your ceiling fan! seriously funny photos. gaga

Elizabeth Phillips said...

I love your sister.