this morning i stepped outside my comfort zone a little. at the gym i am most comfortable at kickboxing or running. every once in a while i wander into a weightlifting class, but that is about as crazy as i get.

until today. i headed into zumba and quickly scanned the faces around me to make sure there were no familiar faces (aka no one i know to make fun of my moves later). i was in the second row behind a group of 5 college girls wearing UT t-shirts. i predicted that they were lapsed drill team types and i would be shamed by their skills... i was wrong.

the class starts and there is no explanation of what to do. everyone in the class already knows the moves so i was just laughing a little at myself and following along as best i could. it was actually really fun, but admittedly not the best workout. so we get going and i immediately felt like drew barrymore in 'never been kissed'. i was this dorky older woman acting like an idiot with about 10x more enthusiasm than the college girls in front of me.

is this the new 'thing' for college girls? acting like nothing is exciting and you're not really trying to do anything? i swear i burn more calories reading than these girls did in zumba barely shuffling their feet. it was so strange! heck we even did the cabbage patch at one point and i almost told them to step aside, i was around when the cabbage patch was cool!

i think it is safe to say my girls would never fit in with this crowd. they can't even pretend to not get excited about just about anything. let's hope that never changes!

and for a taste of how idiotic i looked, here is one of the dances from today- straight from the teacher's youtube channel. haha!


Marian Adrian said...

Hey Mollie! I love to go to that class on Sat AM when I can make it, but am home under the weather. I too don't know what I am doing.. but it is the most calorie burning thing I have ever done! Hope to see you there sometime!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

I just peed a little watching that video.

Lisa said...

Too funny. There is a Zumba class going on every Wed. when I take my girls to dance class and I always think to myself that I'd need a few cocktails before I'd be able to do what those ladies are doing. Good for you! :)