life has turned to pure crazy. fall is upon us, my sweet baby turns 1 in less than two months, and i truly feel like i'm losing a bit of my sanity by the day.

this month alone i have already shot 22 families and have 6 more to go. my type a ridiculousness as it relates to work (in its completely limited capacity) means i am currently up to date on editing all of those sessions. which in turn means i could likely fall asleep this very instant...

it is encouraging to have so many people trusting me with the important job of taking their portraits, but discouraging to feel like you are not doing the best job at home during this busy season. i see others around me succeeding, failing, seeking and i am so frozen in place making sure none of the balls i have in the air fall- i can't even reach out to help them.

i've cried some tears this month. they were the first i have cried in really quite a long time. so long, i actually couldn't remember the last time i cried when someone asked me recently. heck, i cried some tears today!

all this to say, my apologies if it is quiet around here for a bit. just trying to keep the objects of my life that are in motion from colliding.

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