after hearing mixed opinions about the woman recently arrested in new york for kicking her bickering kids out of the car, i was reminded fondly of my own dad's unique and cutting edge parenting way back in the late 80s.

we had recently moved to atlanta and our family of 5 was all riding in our suburban while apparently tim, erin and i were fighting in the backseat over who knows what. my dad reached his breaking point and promptly kicked us out of the car about a mile from our house and drove off without us.

we had to make the walk of shame home only to find he had locked all of the doors to the house and was not interested in letting us ingratiate ourselves back into the family fold. after arguing on the front porch about who should ring the doorbell and beg forgiveness, my dad opened the door wide enough to say 'why should i let any of you back inside?' and as we stood there dumbfounded and speechless, he shut the door again.

the three of us then stood there trying to come up with the 'right' answer, wondering who would draw the short straw and have to knock again. eventually dad let us back inside and i have no memory of the magic words that he was waiting for, but in the end we have a hilarious memory of my dad's creative fathering skills as well as a time when he managed to turned us from a group of arguing kids into a team working together towards a common goal.

now i'm not planning to throw my toddler and newborn from the car anytime soon, so no need to call the cops on me, but i definitely hope one day my own creativity can trump my kids' stubbornness and that they have fond memories even of being in trouble :)


erin said...

I don't remember him locking the doors, but you do have a better memory than I do. Love you and Tim more than you know.

Melissa said...

This story is hilarious.

Melissa said...

That's a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Brook Blog said...

That is such a funny and sweet post.

Erin Ivey said...

military brats unite! :)