lily had her first ever real slumber party saturday night! e and mike picked her up after her nap and brought her back sunday afternoon. kevin and i had a fabulous dinner at bess (sandra bullock's restaurant) and saw 'i love you, man'.

the dinner was delicious, movie was hilarious, and sleeping late was delightful! :)

here is an email i got from erin saturday night recapping their afternoon:

4:10 shared ice cream with m&m's with e and mi

4:30 ran around screaming 'hi everybody' at cruz's soccer game

6:00 ate mimi* while saying 'hi stella' throughout all of dinner

7:30 had a bath and played with mike

7:45 pointed at the red smoke detector light in her room and cried

7:46 mike took down the smoke detector

8:30 finally fell asleep

*mimi is lily's word for pizza... we aren't sure why :)


The Lunoff Adventures said...

Sounds like she had a fabulous time minus the red smoke detector light. :)

erin said...

we'll have to do it again soon!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Kids are weird with their naming of things. Henry calls anything in a sippy cup "Mine!" Sort of makes sense. But then I get confused when he is playing with other kids--is he greedy or just thirsty?