october 8th i will get to hold those sweet faces at yahve shamma orphanage in my hands again and say 'i missed you'.  i'm going back to haiti!


Anonymous said...

What's your goal for these trips? Personal growth? I'd urge you to think of how useful the couple thousands of dollars you'll spend on travel expenses could be to development projects. Far more useful than you could ever be rocking babies for a week. (For example, you could probably hire a Haitian nurse to work at the orphanage for several months, if not an entire year.) Please consider this. We have too many people--albeit with huge hearts--that come in and out of these children's lives. Why not use the money to fund something permanent?

Sarah said...

wonderful news mollie!!

mollie said...

our goal for this trip is to take writers to see the projects first hand that are making a difference in the lives of so many hatians. i am going as a 'staff' photographer to document the trip for the non-profit we are volunteering with.

i wish i was going to rock babies for a week. i probably need it more than they do :) but i appreciate your comment- definitely something many don't consider!