okay all. have you joined Pure Charity yet? basically you sign up, buy great stuff you probably already buy, and get a portion of your purchase back in a fund to donate to awesome causes.

sometimes it feels like there is nothing you can do to help.  that any impact you can have is too small to matter.  that is, until you hold the hand of a child who goes to school because you care and eats a healthy meal every day because you love.  then you realize that every little bit really does help.  maybe i can't change a country, perhaps i can't fix what is truly broken, but i can love and i can hold those hands.

check out pure charity and see what you think!  specifically i am funding the haiti tent city project.  a tropical storm had its way with haiti this past week and no huge damage was done (whew) but a lot of tents were damaged.

i've been to this tent city.  i've worshiped with them.  i've seen the indignity of their living situation.  and somehow it is now even worse.  i have to do what i can to help. 

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