we packed into the minivan this afternoon and headed to a discount store in search of back-to-school shoes.  the girls are in sandals and stinky worn-out toms most days.  we went to find closed toed shoes that wouldn't make their teachers want to banish them to playground and it was a success!

i was surprised at lily's choices.  not by the bling bling, light up shoes i immediately nixed, but at the sensible platinum gray ballet flats she chose to go with her blue and silver nikes. (i told them to pick a pair to run in and a pair to wear with dresses)  she passed up the pink glittery ones and the flower adorned ones in most mature fashion.

eve however went for the sweetest raspberry pink pair with flowers to accompany her purple accented nikes.  i can still count on her 3 year-old taste at least!

lily and eve wanted to wear a new pair out of the store so the clerk took the stickers off the bottoms and clipped the elastic bands to separate the shoes.  annie took one look at the girls putting on their new shoes and in disgust at being relegated to hand-me-downs yet again she asked 'shoes?  shoes?' as she took off her third-hand crocs.  i handed her lily's worn in pink toms and said 'sure annie!  you can wear these!'  she looked at me with a horrified look on her face and said 'no!  SHOES!!'

kevin and i laughed and hugged her.  we hadn't figured she was astute enough to be upset about it, but being third kids ourselves we know how it feels.  it was pretty darn adorable.

and thank goodness for discount stores.  holy heck i don't want to imagine what four pairs of shoes at the mall would have cost!

it was brought to my attention by a friend that this sounded awfully mean for sweet annie.  i would like to add that she has several almost new looking shoes from her sisters that just started fitting that she will sport this fall.  if i had been a prepared mama i would have stashed a pair in my purse to give her at the shoe store but i plum didn't think about it.  next time!!

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