okay y'all.  i need to update the blog header.  i am in denial.  those sweet baby faces have changed so much!

kevin took the girls out of town for the weekend and i have had sweet sweet silence (with the exception of casey's rather loud snoring).  i got a haircut (a much much needed haircut), i met friends for happy hour, i ventured downtown with my fabulous friend brenda and met some new people.  i worked a little and now i'm thinking about heading to barton springs.

really a girl could get used to this. 

i miss my little ones- i will be crazy excited to see them when they get home.  but really i have cherished this quiet time more than i thought i would.  here's hoping kevin loved his weekend alone with the girls enough to do it again.

it is true what they say, the days are long but the years are short.  except when your kids are out of town.  then the days are short ;)


klp said...

ahhh!! how did i miss that this was happening?? wow, that is so awesome. way to go, kev.

i should add that i totally laughed after reading the last couple of sentences. SO TRUE! i just had a girls lunch after church and looked down and realized we had been there for two hours - when is the last time i had a two hour lunch?!? so awesome. we are blessed with good dads for our wee ones. :)

Anonymous said...

I told you I have one word to say.......Kanakuk, love mom