someone asked if i was a writer yesterday and i shrugged and said 'not really, i used to be'

days when life overwhelms i seem to have a harder time putting it into words than before.  my sister and i love the saying 'may your life one day be as wonderful as you make it appear online'.  i find myself walking the tightrope between posting only the great things and posting the not so great things and being a debbie downer.

i have had an overwhelming week, feeling stressed and confused about the future and our direction.  letting my negativity take over is never a good idea and tends to end in a inwardly selfish spiral. 

then i was at the pediatrician for well checks with annie and eve.  they were well behaved and delightful.  as the doctor (that i adore and have known since lily's first 1 week check up) left the room with a hug she said 'life is good, mama'.  and i thought, it is.  it really is.


Neely said...

What's funny about that quote is that the word that best describes your photography to me is "real". I bet your life IS as wonderful as it appears, because you make it to be. :)

john said...


Anonymous said...

I really love that quote and may start using it. Between blogs and social media, I feel overwhelmed by the idea that all these people around me have these easy, perfect lives with easy, perfect children. I keep feeling like I must be doing something wrong. Such strange times.
Anyway, I appreciate that you keep it real yet uplifting.