haven't you heard? 2nd day of school pics are ALL the rage! no one takes them on the first day anymore- its very passe ;)

here lily is, suiting up for her second day of school. she LOVES her new class. she talked about her teacher 'miss shelby' several times in the past few days and was super excited to get to class this morning.

all ready to go!

showing off her bag

runs back for one last thing...

wants to read just one more book before school

checking to be sure everything is in her bag

offering me her sack lunch

big smiles

she jumps right into the action in class

then heads to the books :)

and just for a fun comparison, last year heading into school for the first time, she was still such a baby!


themaggers said...

Where did that baby go?! Also that lunch box is almost as big as her in the last picture!

erin said...

i just can't believe it. love that girl!

Cindy said...

Matthew's first day is next week at our church, I'm excited and sad at the same time. I hope he has as much fun as Lilly did her first day. She's so cute Mollie!

Anonymous said...

Great bag! Where did you get it?

mollie said...

i got that orange bag on clearance from jcrew a few years ago before she was born :)

i think they have similar canvas ones every summer though

Deb said...

ha!! This actually made be bring my camera to school today for day 2 pics since I totally forgot on day 1 as well. But I just snagged 1 or 2 w/ the point and shoot---too lazy to bring the big one.