this morning lily, eve, and i went to visit erin for a while. we took her lunch and just hung out. the nurses brought us a wheelchair to get her out of her room for a bit and just have a change of scenery.

they always bring us bariatric wheelchairs, which are understandably quite large. they actually come in handy because we use the double wide so that erin and lily can sit side by side while erin typically holds eve.

we were cruising down the hallways around the labor & delivery unit and lily decided she wanted to get off the chair and help mommy. she does this a lot with eve's stroller- but the wheelchair is so wide she can't reach both handles and was putting her hands on the back pushing hard and then running to catch up to it.

erin and i were encouraging her and clapping saying 'good job lily... PUSH! yay!!!!! PUSH! way to go!!' and before we knew it several nurses popped around the corner to see what the commotion was all about.

it was at that moment that i realized we were in the hallway of the hospital with a pregnant lady yelling 'PUUUSH!!!'

once erin and i recognized the false alarm we had caused, we laughed pretty hard. sometimes we are such goofballs- i mean really, who yells 'push!!!' repeatedly on the floor full of pregnant people?!

i think the nurses were just glad there weren't babies being birthed in the hallway ;)


bridgett said...

thanks for the late afternoon laugh. hilarious!

burpeema said...

laughing out loud!