i wouldn't even know it was college football season without facebook updates. i was driving to my sister's house today and saw planes with trailing marquee signs circling around and it didn't even dawn on me that there was a UT home game today!

my only other sign was the faint sound of drums from the high school band practice that has resumed every morning. thankfully it has been nice enough outside to actually enjoy breakfast in the fresh air while listening to the drumming.

i have hope that the cooler temperatures (and by cooler, i mean just the nineties, not triple digits!) and football season mean that its almost time for holiday fun, crazy work season, and sweet twin baby girls.

and of course i have just about a million pictures from our week :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Too bad I live in Maine, for I would so love a portrait session with you for my family. I especially like how Lily seems to have compensated for the absence of Dora band-aids :) Very much enjoy your blog and photo tips.

Anonymous said...

I love the pic where Kevin has his hand somewhat in his pants and Eve is just chilling!
So cute!

Amy and Rick said...

So great! If you ever put on a workshop, please let me know and I'll be the first to sign up...that is if I can find a way to get to TX from VT!! : ) Anyway, I've been trying to put together a basic post-production workflow and I'm querying all of the "photo-bloggers" that I love. Would you care to share your common post production workflow - maybe not for the final professional photos but some of the quick fixes that you do to most photos? If you want I can share the final results of my "research". Just let me know.

Sarah said...

I love your pics! I've been reading your blog for a while, and it has been so fun seeing your girls grow in your pics. I'm due with a girl next month (my first!), and I've got a quick photo question for you: I've got a Canon Rebel, and would like to upgrade my lens before she's born (from the kit lens), I'm curious, is there a lens you find you love for taking pics of your girls? a budget friendly one? a splurge? Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

mollie said...

hey sarah! the best budget friendly lens for portraiture is the canon 50mm 1.8. its suuuuper cheap and has a nice wide aperture and good focal length.