a ray of hope. one tiny twinge of it.

lily has been grumptastic all afternoon. lots of whining, crying about the silliest things, and falling apart when a fly landed on her dinner. i find this ironic because her note from her teacher at school said "lily is just such a happy girl". ummm... whatever you say!

through all this grumpfest, she managed to cheer up a bit after her bath when we realized she had learned the hokey pokey at school and started singing along with her. she was pumped to show me how to 'shake it all about'.

the last thing we do before taking her to her crib is lay on the guest bed and read a chapter or two from her children's bible. its a stretch most days to get miss 'always-in-motion' to calm down and sit for a book sans pictures but i do what i can. today i was reading about abraham's children and how his descendants are countless, like the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach and as i read on, lily started saying 'one, two, three, four, five'. she counted because i said 'countless'!!

AHA! so she IS listening! this is the very first confirmation i have EVER gotten when reading her bible that she hears a word of what i am saying. i thought it was just a good habit to have started early but based on her body language when i am reading the bible i assumed i sounded much like charlie brown's teacher (WAH WAH WAAAH WAAAAH).

it was just so nice to end an afternoon full of so much mind numbing whining with a eensy weensy glimmer of confirmation that something positive is happening.


sarah smith said...

today in my classroom was just this way--not at all perfect, but lots of glimmers of goodness along the way. glad you were having one with lily while i was having one with my group at casa!

K-tell said...

It's funny how very different children can be at school vs. at home. Often we have children come to enroll with their parents and after they leave we all look at each other like "ohhh, dear, she's going to be a handful" and then they show up for school and are delightful!

I am curious about the crib though-- my daughter is only 9 months old, so we're far off from sleeping in a bed, but I'm curious as to when that typically happens.

Libby said...

That's so awesome!! We've started reading a picture Bible to Will as a part of our bedtime routine, but I think when he gets a little older we'll start reading a real Bible to him. About what age did you start with Lily?