there are moments as a parent that you are so proud of your children that your heart swells.

when dropping lily off at school i noticed a new note had been added to her folder on the wall. every child has a folder where you can leave notes for the teacher or vice versa.

curious as to what they had to say about my sweet girl, i went over to read it and her folder now reads:

"watch to be sure she does not eat dirt on playground"

so like i said about those moments your heart bursts with pride, this wasn't one of them. classic.


erin said...

i laughed out loud. it reminded me of when my husband went to pick our daughter up from daycare one day and saw the other kids sitting at the table coloring. he asked where colleen was, and the teacher replied, 'she's the one over in the ball pit with the bucket on her head.'

Steph said...

i love it. seriously. this is probably one of my favorite day care stories ever.

Ali Shenk said...